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Kiche, LLC






Kiche is a foodservice consulting firm whose goal is to strengthen our clients ability to profit through best practice design and specification, precise detailed documentation and timely document delivery while preserving the cleanability, efficiency and functionality of the foodservice design given the resources available.


We specialize in menu-based design.  We know the equipment.  We speak the language.  We listen to our clients.  We present ideas and solutions.  We provide complete workstations.  We draw and detail custom fabrication.

We design.


We know the industry.  We know the people.  We provide spatial allocations.  We budget.  We provide construction administration.  We protect our clients against change orders.  We provide expert advice.

We consult.

engineering support

We provide dimensioned rough-in drawings for all trades.  We provide equipment specifications and cutsheets.  We provide complete utility schedules.  We quality control.  We coordinate our drawings.  We quality control again.

We support engineers.

3d modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is how we take our designs to the next level.  In the past, there was always a disconnect between the client and the designer due to what each person perceives when they look at 2D drawings.  The designer always understands what each 2D line designates but the client may misinterpret or overlook the lines due to their inexperience reading 2D foodservice drawings. Thankfully with new technology we are able to avoid this problem completely by using 3D modeling.  All of our projects are designed and modeled in Autodesk Revit.  We do not just design our projects in 2D and render a 3D picture of the space, we model each and every piece of equipment in the entire project to give a complete picture of what the space will look like once complete.  As you can see, each piece of equipment can be clearly identified, even by a nonprofessional.  We are now able to show our clients every angle of every room and even sight lines from the guest’s view. This approach also supports our ability to avoid design clashes and improves collaboration with the architect, engineer and specialty consultants.  Revit by nature contains the ability to revise instantly, which also happens to be where the name came from.  When a problem arises during construction, the faster a solution can be documented the faster construction can resume.  Overall, Revit is the perfect software for designing and documenting commercial kitchens.



Congrats on jumping ship to your own venture — you do terrific work, and we would be happy to be your first endorsement — you should be really proud of the fantastic job your team did on Barking Mad!
— Peter Henry, Barking Mad & Henry Investments
KICHE, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and such strong attention to detail! The 3d axons were amazing and so helpful!! You should all be very proud of yourselves for branching out and doing such a wonderful job from the start!
— Elizabeth Cozzi, Bonchon, Lead Interior Designer
This has been such a pleasurable process thus far. I really enjoy working with you guys; you’re creative which is really important and you follow through on your commitments. That means everything to me.
— Michael Francis, Queue Design Agency
I just wanted to thank and congratulate this team. I’ve been processing plans in Fairfax for a long time...longer than I’d like to admit... and I’ve never had any food service tenant go through the system so smoothly. Good job and I’m impressed!
— Sandee Miller, Miller & Associates, Permit Expeditor
Impressive. I am now a believer in kitchen designers. Thanks for the hard work.
— Ian Hilton, Restauranteur